Course Overview

This course will provide you with the ground, simulator and flight training that you require to obtain your initial Multi-Engine Class rating. You will receive your flight training on our FNPT II Simulator that is modelled on a Seneca II but you may conduct your flight training on any multi engined aircraft. If you are the holder if an IF Rating, you combine this course with our Multi-Engine IF Endorsement (CN-AR-MIF)

As this course involves a significant amount of flight training in an aircraft, you may elect to ensroll with one of our partner schools that offers multi engine training and in such a case, they will still make use of our simulator for the training elements thatmay be done on an approved FSTD

In certain exceptions (such as owner training in specialised aircraft), our academy will conduct the antire IR course. In such a case, the following training plan applies



Entry Requirements

  • Must be the holder of a valid licence (PPL or higher)
  • Must have at least 70 hours Pilot In Command (PIC) time


Training Plan

  • 10 Hours Class Room Lectures
  • 12 Hours Instructor Briefings/Debriefings
  • 5 Hours Simulator Training
  • 5 Hours Dual Aircraft Training
  • Skills Test with a Designated Flight Examiner


Course Duration

This course would typically take full time student about 1 to 2 months to complete.


Study Material Required

Our training generally follows the modules described in the book “Transition to Twins” by Dave Robson from ASA. We strongly recommend that you acquire this book and do some home studying prior to commencing the course (Available from our Pilot Shop at the airfield)

The theory exam is based on the Seneca II or the aircraft type on which your skills test is conducted.  A Pilot Operating Handbook of the Seneca II will be available for use but you may also acquire a handbook from the Pilot Shop.