The Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR's) prescribe the requirements for recent experience (Recency) and revalidation testing (Maintenance of Competency) in order to operate your licence or rating legally. These are the minimum requirements you need to comply with. Being legal does not necessarily result in being safe. Modern simulators are less costly to operate than aeroplanes. The high degree of realism of these simulators affords you the opportunity to practice your normal and emergency procedures beyond what is required by law. To remain legal and safe, we offer the following training and testing on our simulators:

  • Recurrent Training (Getting ready for IF Revalidation)
  • Recency Training (Remaining Legal - IF Rating)
  • Maintenance of Competency (Revalidation Tests)
  • Simulator Practice (Self practice to hone a skill)


Recurrent Training

This short course was primarily designed for IF rated pilots preparing for their annual IF Revalidation Skills Test. However, you may also opt to do this short course at any time as refresher training, especially if you hold a Multi-Engine IF rating but does not have a lot of opportunity to fly twins.

In the rapidly evolving world of changing airspaces, changes in aviation legislation and updated procedures, it imperative that the Instrument Rated Pilot remains up to date and informed. The training comprises two sessions:

  • Classroom Session brush-up your theoretical knowledge
  • Simulator Session to ensure IF flying is up to standard

We also introduce the concepts of Threat and Error Management and Scenario Based Training (SBT) to improve your Higher Order of Thinking Skills (HOTS)

We offer Recurrent Training for Single Engine Piston (SEP) as well as Multi Engine Piston (MEP) operations

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Recency Training

The requirements for recency  stipulates that in the preceding 90 days (refer to CAR 91.02.4 for a full definition) you need to do at least three take-off's and landings in the same class, similar type and category of aeroplane, or an approved simulator before carrying passengers.

If you hold an IF rating, and to be pilot in command in IF conditions, you need to have flown at least two IF approaches, both of which may be in an approved simulator in the past 90 days.

To fulfil these requirements we can now offer you the following training on our simulator. Instead of doing practice approaches on your own, one of our instructors will be on hand to provide feedback on your performance and help you improving your skills.

  • Single-engine (SEP) IFR Recency
  • Multi-engine (MEP) IFR Recency
  • Renew IF lapsed > 24 months (10 hours & 5 approaches)