The CSI of the academy is a SA CAA Deginated Examiner (DFE) and can conduct the following list of skills, part or all of which may be conducted on our FSTD (Simulator). In addition to our in-house DFE, there are several other DFE's operating in the Western Cape (See CAA website for contact details) and all of these DFE's have access to our FSTD for purpuses of conducting skills testing.

It should also be noted that all DFE skills testing happens outside of our academy processes and should be arranged directly between the student and the DFE of his/her choice. (Our Front Desk can assist with this and the coordination of available slots on the FSTD)


DFE Initial Skills Testing*

  • Initial CPL Issue
  • Initial Night Rating Issue
  • Initial IF Issue
  • Initial CPL/ IF Issue
  • Initial ATP Issue
  • Initial Multi-engine Rating
  • Initial Multi-engine IF Endorsement
  • Initial Instructor Rating (Grade III)
  • Instructor Rating Upgrade (Grade III to Grade II)

* Parts or all may be done on the simulator but some will be done in an aircraft - check with your DFE


DFE RevalidationSkills Testing*

The DFE's listed above may also be used to do your annual revalidation skills testing (Licence/rating Renewals) Although it is not a legal requirement a present, we strongly reccomend that pilots should undergo an appropriate amount of recurrency training prior to the skills test. (Also note that the recurrency training ideally should be done by an instructor other than the DFE that will be conducting the skills test)

  • Single-engine IF Revalidation Tests
  • Multi-engine IF Revalidation Tests
  • Grade I and Grade II Instructor Revalidation
  • CPL Maintenance of Competency Skills Tests
  • ATP Maintenance of Competency Skills Tests

* A significant part of your test (or all of the revalidation test in the case of an IR or IR/CPL revalidation) will be conducted on our simulator but some revalidation testing (such as VFR CPL) may require flight testing.